About us

A specialized part of a group of companies that works with businesses to find financing and investment, prepare to work with investors, implement strategies and achieve investment objectives through participation in government.

We also create new opportunities for the businesses we work with to penetrate markets, new products and goods, increase sales and profitability.

Our businesses

Group of engineering companies specializing in the design and manufacture of robotics:
integration of industrial robotics, development and implementation of engineering solutions for production, robotic welding centers, robotic mannequins, didactic equipment for education.

AI-based application platform (IOS + Android) based on a competency-based approach to support and optimize the individual educational program and trajectory with a principled focus on learning activities and digitization of experience from the perspective of the student, rather than different educational environments.

Digital service to support child development and early intervention policies. Our system will help doctors and parents to effectively monitor the development and health of the child, offering adequate behavioral strategies in the early stages.

Tatiana Honcharenko
Vita Kravchuk
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Kyiv, street Bankova, 3
+380 96 461 7666
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