About the company

Founders League – investment office

A team of experts working on capitalization of managed assets and efficient use of financial resources.

Invest Objectives

  • Selection of assets in accordance with the provided requirements of the investor
  • Differentiation of risks
  • Active monitoring of investment assets and investment directions
  • Selection of strategic tools for scaling and increasing the company’s capitalization, including M&A, scaling, expansion
Why choose us?
Our specialists will be happy to share their expertise, which is based on the knowledge of what is currently working in the market.
World experience
Our experience speaks for us. The company operates in 48 countries.
Individual approach
Every company we work with has its own concept and voice. We develop unique products.
Continuous growth
Our experienced professionals will help grow your business by introducing new technologies.
Our services
We offer several services for the development of your company. If you do not find the right service, we are always ready to meet and discuss what we can do to help you.

Business for sale

- підготовка бізнесів до продажу
- підготовка документів
- попередня оцінка та формування стратегії для її максималізації
- Проведення переговорів з інвесторами або покупцями
- підготовка меморандуму
- супровід угоди

Portfolio investment

- формування збалансованого портфеля
- управління активами
- план виходу для досягнення максимально можливої капіталізації

Creation of a management team for the benefit of the investor

- контроль виконання бізнес-плану
- контроль фінансових потоків
- підтримка та коригування стратегії в залежності від змін ринку
- консалтинг

Business plans and technical and economic research

Market research and analysis

Sustainable business development

They work with us
Foundations and corporations
Tatiana Honcharenko
Vita Kravchuk
Anatoly Kalantaryan
business developer, venture partner